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About The Owner

Edie Little is a proud mother of a seven year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. She was a fifth grade teacher for four years. Prior to working in the public school field, she was an assistant director for a major child care center. Edie graduated with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in December 2010.

From Edie: "Through my experience as a public school teacher, as an assistant director in the private child care sector and most importantly, as a mother,  I have seen the importance of the solid foundation children need as they enter into school.  I know that success is built from well developed routines, providing a safe environment, strong academic focus and a healthy, natural diet.  These are all things I provide each and every day. This is the time in a child's life when they form healthy social, emotional and academic skills. I want to be, along with each parent, a driving force in the success of all my kids."

Meet Our Staff

 Edie Little- Owner

Amber Sanders- Pre-K Teacher

My name is Amber and I have a few months experience working in a licensed daycare with children, as well as over two years raising my own child. My past experiences revolve around customer service and supervisory positions. I decided to switch gears and get into child care after I had my son. I am just really amazed at how children grow and develop in such a short amount of time. I take great pride knowing I am part of their growth and development. I am only a few credits shy of obtaining my Associates in business from CTC. I want to change my major to child development or psychology. The brain and how it works really intrigues me! I love doing new things with my son, it’s my favorite past-time. My other hobbies include drawing, crafting and reading.


     Kris Wooldridge- Co-Director

I'm Miss Kristian, better known as Miss Kris. I am 23 years old and have been in child care for going on six years. I love working with kids because sometimes I am one! I love seeing their little faces every morning, getting excited for almost everything. I even enjoy their little crazy moments! I would like to go to school for Business Management and open up my own candy store. I have a six year old son who is my pride and joy (and sometimes pain). I have three sisters and we are all very close- they are my best friends! Outside of LLP I'm either with my sisters or with my son and my boyfriend Chris. I love to go dancing, shopping, and out to eat. I love food! When I'm not doing those things, I'm curled up with a good book.

   Ashley Chappell- Infant Teacher & Co-Director

My name is Ashley and I’ve been working with kids since graduating high school in Pflugerville. I have worked in three different types of centers: drop-in, travel center, and a normal daycare. I love watching and being a part of each child’s life; seeing them grow is one of the reasons I love what I do! Also, getting those hugs in the morning and when they leave is just amazing! I have always loved kids. When my dad would play softball, I would take my brother and the other kids to the park to play. I feel that I have found my true calling. I have such pride in what I do and how it effects the kids in my care.




   Erika Wooldridge- Kitchen Staff & Classroom Floater


 Alyssa Beckman- Toddler Teacher/ Floater