Little Learners Preschool

Where Little Learners Grow

What Little Learners has to offer:

Hours: 7:30am - 6:00pm (TEMP Hours during increased COVID requirements)

Regular hours: 7:00-6:00 (beginning August 24th)


Infant: 6 weeks-18 months (Ratio 1:4-2:10)

Early Toddler: 12 months-18 months (Ratio 1:5)

Toddler: 18 months-24 months (Ratio 1:9)

Two's: 24 months-36 months (Ratio 1:11)

Jr. Pre-K: 3's (Ratio 1:15)

Pre-K: 4-5 (Ratio 1:18)

Part-Time Care & Mother's Day Out for ages 18 months and up:

Two Options:  Monday-Friday 9 am- 1pm/ 8am-12pm   or   3 Full Days

Toddler Class: (18months- 36months) Weekly $142, Bi-Weekly $284, 1st and 15th $307, Monthly $615 

Jr. Pre-K/Pre-K: 3-5  Weekly $131, Bi-Weekly $262, 1st and 15th $284, Monthly $568

Regular Tuition Rate:
Includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Fridays are sack lunch day. LLP will still provide breakfast and snack.

Infant-(6weeks-18 months): Monthly $1070, 1st and 15th $535, Bi-weekly $4494, Weekly $247

Toddler (18 months-24 months): Monthly $988, 1st and 15th $494, Bi-weekly $456, Weekly $228

Two's  (24-36 months): Monthly $945, 1st and 15th $473, Bi-weekly $436, Weekly $218

Jr. Pre-K & Pre-K (potty trained): Monthly $858, 1st and 15th $420, Bi-weekly $396, Weekly $198

Annual $125 material/activity fee. (Billed in January & prorated throughout the year)

Sibling Discount: 10% on oldest child's tuition

Military Discount: 10% for family (sibling discount does not apply)

Curriculum: We are currently using Frog Street for all of our classes. This curriculum encompasses all four learning domains in every age group. The spiraling lesson plans ensures that each child is learning and is engaged throughout their day!

Letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sign language, writing, and art are among a few of the topics that are covered regularly.

Infant Curriculum: Frog Street infant curriculum is  themed based, but individualized to each child and their growth and development. Our littlest learners have fun with tummy time, daily strolls,  

Toddler/2's: We strive to offer the best environment for your toddler to explore their surroundings and begin developing an understanding of the world around them. Frog Street Infant curriculum provides age and developmentally appropriate lessons with clear goals. Your child will spend their day creating art, participating in sensory play and dancing. along with other activities to help develop new skills.

Jr. Pre-K: Using Frog Street play based curriculum, your child will be well on their way to Pre-k. Daily lessons in letter and name recognition, group connection activities, handwriting practice and plenty of pretend play! In Jr. Pre-k, children will begin learning self-regulation techniques from Conscious Discipline and develop a sense of community with classroom jobs.

Pre-K: Getting ready for Kindergarten is an exciting and fun time. This classroom will use Frog street, a play based curriculum designed to provide optimal and intentional learning environments alongside daily Conscious Discipline lessons and strategies. Your child will learn life skills like self-regulation and build healthy social and emotional skills to enhance their academic success. In Pre-k children will have daily handwriting and math lessons, hands on learning math and science experiments and the chance to attend classroom field trips!

Play: LLP teachers find teachable moments during the "fun" moments. I also believe children should be outside and explore their world. Weather permitting we will have outside time every day. There they will be able to have free choice of play, but we never shy away from the "dirty fun" of bubbles, paint, water, sand and chalk!

Our outdoor classroom is a great place to learn and grow. We offer teacher-led and self guided activities each day.